Online System Audit For Compliance With LEAP Office System Requirements

One of the single biggest issues facing LEAP and other software providers is the non compliance of the client's ITC platform with their minimum System Requirements.

Compliance is essential not only when you are first setting up your system, but also when adding additional users, changing Microsoft Service Packs, replacing old hardware and keeping pace with changing LEAP requirements.

Our remote Online System Audit enables us to audit your system through a simple download link.

Using Online System Audit all statisitics are gathered and provided to LEAP and you as the potential or existing client. All software and hardware specifications are identified. We collate the results and transfer them to complete the standard LEAP Server and Workstation Snapshots that they require before doing software installations.

We can continue to provide a service ensuring you are compliant at every iteration of Microsoft / LEAP or other third party software or hardware development.

In many cases your own ITC support company will not be familiar with the LEAP requirements and we can save you time and money and many technical headaches by performong the remote system check.

Miser is exclusively authorised by LEAP to provide this service.

So that you can satisfy yourself that your infrastructure is suitable for LEAP Miser will:-

1    Assist you to install the software on your PC's;

2    Run the report on all the PC's;

3    Analyse the report and compare the results against LEAP system specifications;

4    Complete the LEAP Server and Workstation Snapshots;

5    Provide LEAP and you with a the report, snapshots and recommendations;

6    Run the PC Health Check again once you have acted to overcome any shortcomings of the system;

7    Perform 3 further PC Health Checks during the following 12 month period at no further cost.

To arrange an Online System Audit just contact our HelpDesk

The cost of an Online System Audit is only $250 plus GST, payable by credit card on order. This is more economical than repeated time based onsite visits by local ITC companies.

View a Sample of PC Health Check.


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