Are You Effectively Using Your Practice Software?

Lawyers are using as little as 10% of their Practice software. 

We understand time constraints and client priorities but it is always bewildering the lack of time committed by law firms to internal training. 

Lawyers tend to use a small percentage of functionality that gets them by without examining how technology can materially impact on their productivity daily.

How often does one say –

‘If only I knew how to do pagination or spread sheets or understand how to generate reports that are clearly within the software capabilities; how much more informed and productive would I be for the firm’.


‘I must get around to these things’.

At the heart of the problem is the fact that no lawyer wants to be locked up in a class room learning functions of a software package whilst ‘Rome is Burning’ with pressing client matters. In these circumstances the concentration is low and effectiveness of the training at the poor end.

The answer could be quick bursts of about an hour on 3 or 4 key items in one session. A webinar maybe the right platform for delivery.

Increasing staff knowledge of the software you have deployed from say 10-25% would have a huge effect on the bottom line.

Speak with Miser about a one hour attendance on any software you have in your law firm and we will personalise these presentations for you.