Is Your Small Law Firm Paying Too Much For Technology?

Small Law firms today are generally paying too much for their technology. They seldom know what questions to ask of vendors and fail to know whether they are getting the best deals available to them.

Alarmingly they never question the terms and conditions of doing business when it comes to renewing contracts that are based on a subscription method. Inertia is alive and well.

Having installed over a 1,000 laws firm systems Miser people see where the lack of knowledge in this area is a real negative and a time consuming one for the principals of firms. Clearly their emphasis is on their client needs.

“This is not my core competency. All I want is a system that works and is ubiquitous”

“I can’t deal with downtime” “What is all this stuff about Hybrid and Private CLOUD technology and how can I possibly make decisions on this new means of technology delivery?”

“We are not getting our value out of the systems we have installed and need to cut costs”.

These are the responses we get daily, and at the time of this document, it is more prevalent than ever. Ironically security is low on the scale.

Miser has a simple approach.

  • We know small firms cannot afford significant expenditure for highly paid consultants who waffle and drag out their investigations.
  • We offer a 5 hour consultancy that deals with your pressure points.
  • We offer recommendations on your technology platforms.
  • We negotiate with vendors on your behalf. We prevent gouging tactics of vendors.
  • Our consultants are permanently engaged in the delivery of all of the popular legal systems software packages on the market. We know the issues. They are certified accountants and know all legal trust and compliance issues in each jurisdiction.
  • We get results for the small law firms at the hardware, software and training levels as a business partner and one stop contact point. 

Speak with us about any engagement options and be confident you will get a positive outcome.