Cloud based legal software solution for small law firms with 1-40 people wishing to become more efficient and flexible. 

What We Do

Miser iCloud is a certified LEAP consulting company and we specialise in delivering both technical and support services for the LEAP client base. We have a number of consultants that install and train on LEAP software. 

What Is LEAP?

LEAP provides a completely integrated legal practice management and legal accounting solution in a single application.

Your firm will benefit from productivity boosting features including, automated document production, time recording (on mobile and desktop), billing, office and trust accounting plus all the record keeping functionality you need.

  • Mobile App

  • Legal Matter Management

  • Legal Documentation Management

  • Automated Legal Forms

  • Time Recording 

  • Legal Billing Software

  • Cloud Software

  • Legal Reporting Software

  • Integrated Legal Searching

Our Services

Sales Agent

Our company is an approved reseller of LEAP software and can assist with all the determinations involved in the sales cycle. 


Miser can install any product within the LEAP range using its certified resources.


Miser has several certified LEAP consultants that work exclusively with us and are up to date with all LEAP versions. 

End-To-End Management

Many law firms want a single source of responsibility for sourcing and delivering on solutions and Miser can fulfil that role.


Some Miser clients want us to take a single source of responsibility for the deployment of LEAP solutions and we manage the outcomes.

Ad-Hoc Services

Your firm may have used an alternative source of supply in relation to LEAP deliverables, however, that source may not be up to date or certified with LEAP. We assist in providing one off type services.