About Us

Our Miser business was formed 16 years ago after observance that LEAP was to be the overwhelming choice of legal software for small and medium law firms in Australia. Our first foray was in the hosting of LEAP as a ‘Service’. We offered this to firms where they had remote offices and a need for nomadic usage of LEAP.

As LEAP moved its software exclusively to a Cloud based offering, the support revenue levels diminished. We are still a certified LEAP company and sell and support this solution albeit with their CLOUD product.

Miser modified its operations about 8 years ago to become a more generalist company that today offers an array of software applications based around Practice Management back end systems. We utilize a skilled group of people who have knowledge in all the applications available today in the legal market.

Whilst Miser sells many solutions in concert with the preferred suppliers and under their terms of business, our focus is advising on the right solutions for the firms. The Project Managing and transitioning of the firms to their new preferred platforms is facilitated.

At all times we disclose our relationship with suppliers. The final decision(s) are those of the firm.

Our business has its primary focus on the small to mid-tier and law firms that extends to the 200 size of firm.

Through the adoption of sophisticated remote-control software, and the human interface, Miser people can normally address 80% -90% of a client’s requirements through a single help desk call. With our own diagnostics and collaborative third-party relationships, we work to get the right results.

For those firms starting out, MISER offers a ‘Solution in a Box’ and ‘ALL You Can Eat’ as an all-inclusive package embracing hardware, communications, Practice Management with complementary services. These are maintained under our remote services package offerings.

For those firms who do not want anything to do with I.T. now or into the future, for a monthly fee we will host and launch from our data centre. The firm simply needs a high-speed Internet connection.

Miser offers accounting training services and macro developers as well as a client resolution/ mediation package for the legal office with its suppliers.

Miser people have installed more legal sites than most service providers over an extended period of four decades.