Who We Help

At Miser we have identified a major group of Australian legal users in a market segment that represents the upper small to mid-size firms. There is a base of over 20,000 personnel Australia wide that need their individual skills always finely tuned.

These firms are mostly developing and always in need of technology services. Users want to work anywhere/anytime.

Most legal operatives are not new computer users and need fast tracked services. The premise being, the better they are with their computer skills and with the firm’s applications, the more they are productive.

Additionally, there are the new users coming and going with firms that need training in a full range of applications. They all crave knowledge.

Law firms cannot afford to have new staff attending outside training classes for days at a time when the individual only needs the ‘headlines’ to be effectively operating. The tyranny of distance can be overcome with on line classes.

At a technology level, law firm employees know what is available to them from the device level perspective and they just want what they need 24 x 7. No questions asked.

With the cost of people, many firms simply need an outsourced resource ‘on the ready’ for non core areas of the business.

In effect the role(s) require a technology Business Partner who can cover all of the bases for them on a Virtual Basis with skills that know what the firm needs –on demand. In effect a GO TO company.

Enter Miser.

Often there are mergers, vendor disputes, training and new hardware and software considerations, conversion of applications, new hardware out of the box that needs to be delivered;

Enter Miser

Miser has tailored its resourcing to fast track any contingencies and offer all support staff to your firm who are mature and have a wealth of knowledge in your legal applications. Most have worked in law firms in ‘past lives’.

Whilst the law firm focuses on employing fee earners, we manage the ancillary support needs of the firm.

Technology needs to be ubiquitous and on demand.