I-Cloud Consulting Services

Firms that adopt Miser services want action and want it fast.

Most law firms do not like protracted, drawn out consulting attendances or assignments. Expensive practice fee earners need to be focussed on their clients.

Given an intimate knowledge of legal solutions and services needed, at Miser we can provide the right client outcomes with expediency.

Miser people talk intelligently with vendors as we have a total understanding of the known deliverables of key vendors and their tolerance levels covering negotiations.

We like to offer services that are clearly defined with correct expectation settings, established budget figures with full disclosure of interests.

The Miser services provided commence with an initial determination/understanding of the current hardware, communications and software services in place with each firm.

As previously mentioned, most firms now are not first generation users of technology and end users are keen for their own workstation and technology set up.

There is nothing stopping the achievement of that personalised outcome. Enabling users to run their practice with proper billing format options and key reporting matrix is vital.

Miser projects can be any of the following attendances after a needs analysis is completed.

  • 20 hours –  Full Assessment of Practice Management options and determinations.
  • 10 hours –  Determining the methodology for transitioning of data from legacy system(s) to the new system.
  • 20 hours –  Project Managing of a new installation from commencement.
  • 15 hours –  Establishing the Integrations needed and product selection with back end financial systems.
  • 12 Hours –  Mediation services with vendors.
  • 12 hours –  Examining current systems and looking for improvements and cost savings.

Many legal vendors have a history of poor delivery of their solution(s) once the sale is made. The law firm is left to its own devices. Enter Miser people as your Business Partner.

At the time of writing there is a Covid 19 situation applying where it has meant many vendors have reduced important head counts in service delivery areas.

Collaborations and connectivity are often a required outcome of the new solution and therefore discussions with third parties are often needed. Miser people manage these relationships.

From the client perspective the law firm wins as its key operatives are not distracted from client attention and interests; and the technology considerations are managed by a professional business PARTNER.