Practice Management Solutions

Miser I-Cloud is authorised to sell and support key legal solutions offered in the Australian Market.

Our people have an intimate knowledge of the functionality of each solution and their version controls and we can therefore offer candid advice on the best options for your firm.

As many suppliers are offering 12 month and three terms for implementation of their software essentially serving their own cash flow needs and purposes, the client has a chance at each key expiry point to re-assess its options.

No provider has a client locked in for life.

A consideration for a change of systems may come about if the incumbent supplier wants to increase the licence costs significantly. Poor service delivery can be another reason to consider a change.

Whilst we have a pre-disposition to make existing system deployed more functional and negotiate with vendors for retention of systems, there maybe circumstances where a change is deemed necessary.

Mergers and acquisitions can be a catalyst for system changeover.

Miser can offer a conversion of data from one solution to the other at a price point that is generally significantly less than that offered by the suppliers themselves.

Miser can then Project Management the transition so there is little downtown experienced by the firm and its users.

Miser I-Cloud at all stages discloses its interest with solutions providers so each client can act intelligently according to those disclosures.