Miser Systems Audit

Most small to medium size Law firm have networks that are serviced by outside parties.

At various times there are known horror stories of breaches of network security.

Law firms ironically often do not pay the right level of attention to the possibility of illegal access to their systems.

Miser offers checks and confirms that incumbent I.T. providers have carried out the latest back up procedures, security updates and patches.


A Miser systems audit can give you the reassurance your systems are current to software versions and highly secure against the plethora of opportunists that exist in the world of the web and cyber-space.

Our proposal is to offer a fixed price package comprising;


Audit process

  • On site visit (conduct audit, estimate: 3-7hrs)
  • Consultation between parties (non-technical)
  • Audit Report delivery

Audit Procedures

  • Hardware/Software Audit (workstation/laptop/server)
  • Audit Internet & network
  • Audit Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plan
  • Security Access review
  • Business Technical analysis
  • Review Cyber & ransomware threats
  • Onsite Security Review (workstation/laptop/server
  • Effectiveness of I.T. alignment with business objectives (management)

A fixed project time between 10-15 hours depending on the firm size is a standard offering.