Your Strategic Business Partner

Miser I-Cloud is a technology provider who operates exclusively in the Australian legal market.

Miser has business arrangements in place with many key providers to the legal profession.

For reasons of transparency these are always disclosed to our clients.

Miser I-Cloud can assume a position of a sales provisioning company, consultant to the firm, Virtual I.T. Manager, dispute resolution expert, or merger ‘manager’.

As many technology providers have moved to offering subscription models for hardware and software typically over three year terms, many law firms take the opportunity to re-evaluate their on-going technology needs at the end of each 36 month period.

This is an ideal time to determine whether the firm is best served by the incumbent provider(s).

Any change is disruptive.

An assessment at the end of any given term may only be relevant given a need to stay current and ensure the technology supplier(s) to the firm are giving you their best attention and price points.

At the heart of that assessment could simply be determining whether a better arrangement with current providers can result in a better deal for the firm.

Are the providers offering you their best deal or are they saving those for new prospects where they are under competitive pressure?

The adage that you are never in a better position to negotiate with a potential supplier certainly applies when they are under pressure to get your business initially.

From a Miser consultancy perspective this can encompass us initially doing a due diligence program for the firm to ensure you are best served by a change in the first place.

Vendors need to be accountable at every stage of their relationship with you – the client.

Law firms are too busy with their own client needs to keep up to date with every move and vendor posture.

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